About Us

Our Incredible StoryLess

“My name is Vicki Economou and I am Granddaughter-in-law of the Founder, Christ Economou.

Coney Island Hot Weiners began in 1926 in the Tulsa World building in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. Christ Economou came to the US from Greece years earlier through Ellis Island. When he saw Coney Island in New York an idea came to him.  "I will build stores that sell hot dogs. CONEYS!" Christ followed the railroad tracks down the East coast and opened 26 Coney Island shops- selling them to Greek immigrants so that they could also bring their families to America. Once Christ landed in Tulsa  he opened his 27th store and stayed.

Together, Christ and his son James Economou ran the downtown Coney Island Hot Weiners store. Upon Christ’s death, James became the owner and operator. 

The downtown Coney Island Hot Weiners shop has remained in the family over all of those years.  In early 2010 James Economou suffered a stroke, bringing his days of running the store to an end. It was at that time that I stepped into the role as Operations Manager. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives still today.

In April of 2015 Coney Island Hot Weiners moved to it’s current location-the NW Corner of Archer and Main in the Tulsa Brady-Arts District. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't ask me if we franchise.  Our response remained the same until we  knew we could do it correctly.  In summer of 2017 we decided to take that leap and formed a new branch of our company.   CVE, LLC has the rights to franchise Coney Island Hot Weiners.

It is our goal to continue the legacy that our Grandfather Christ began, in the same manner that he presented it all those years ago.  It is also our goal to continue with the same recipe, same menu, and same atmosphere that Tulsans have become accustomed to for over 92 years. We are now offering a chance for people from all over the world with Tulsa ties (or those who have visited our store) to continue this incredible legacy. Continuing the journey through their memories, and making new ones. We look forward to passionate operators joining our franchise family, and to bringing the joy of Coney Island Hot Weiners to others." 

 ~ Vicki Economou